About us

Our Story

Caramia, Italian for “My Dear” is more than just cake and gelato. It’s the joy and brightness that comes from having a grateful heart. It’s just the right kind of sweetness that you can have everyday to celebrate either that big promotion or just the opportunity to unwind.

Before Caramia, there was Amici’s gelato section, part of Fr. Colombo’s mission to bring authentic Italian food and Italian gelato to the Philippines.

Our Brand

Our gelato will always be part of the Amici family but we felt that it was tasty enough, great enough and addictive enough to be its own thing. That’s how Caramia, Italian for “My Dear” was born.

At this point, we had tasty and creamy gelato. We wanted to take it just another step further and that’s how we came up with Caramia’s delightful cakes.

The great thing is we’re not done yet! We’re still working on bringing new kinds of sweet, adventurous flavors to all of you. That way you’ll never run out of ways to have those little sweet celebrations everyday.