About Us

Our Story

The story of Cara Mia, which is Italian for “my dear” begins when Fr. Gianluigi Colombo, the Salesian Priest who started Amici di Don Bosco in Makati started selling gelato in one of the sections of the cafeteria style restaurant when it opened in 2001. Amici di Don Bosco was one of the first establishments to sell Italian Gelato in the Philippines so many came from far places to try the sweet, smooth and satisfying Italian treat that many started to grow and love.

Our Brand

Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato was formally launched as a separate brand from Amici in May, 2009 with the first outlet opening in Greenhills. Using the same principles that Fr Colombo used to create authentic Italian Gelato, Cara Mia has since expanded its line to many more exciting gelato flavors as well as other gelato based products and delectable desserts to complement its mix. Cara Mia was the first to introduce Gelato Cakes in the country. Gelato Cakes, which comprise various gelato flavors fused in with elements like wafers, pie crusts, nuts and toppings to form beautiful cakes are perfect for gift giving and special occasions. There is also the affogato which is gelato “drowned” in with espresso as well as gelato shakes which are various gelato flavors mixed in with milk for a very satisfying and indulgent experience. The refrigerated cake line completes the mix of fabulous desserts that are proudly served in all Cara Mia shops. We’re proud of the legacy of authentic Italian style gelato which Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato started with and which we continue to share with our valued guests through each product which we create and serve.