Yummy new treats at Cara Mia

Mango MagnificoOur new Mango Magnifico is a refreshing combination of sweet mangoes in whipped cream covered with cashew brittles in a light fluffy chiffon.

The perfect dessert selection using our most popular gelato flavors, we introduce our new line of gelato sundaes to allow you to try our best gelato flavors with new elements to give them an exciting new twist. We have various flavor combinations to choose from such as the Ferrero Chocolate Overload, Chocolate and Turtle Pie Indulgence, Chocolate Cookie Dough Bliss, Ferrero-Toffee Almond Roca Harmony, and Oreo and Blueberry Cheesecake Madness.

Ferrero-Toffee Almond Roca Harmony Chocolate and Turtle Pie Indulgence Oreo and Blueberry Cheesecake Madness