Calling all cake and coffee lovers!

Calling all cake and coffee lovers to have a taste of our delectable Coffee Honeycomb.

For the month of November, we are proud to present a light chocolate chiffon cake drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce with coffee and chocolate cream. To top off this cake to perfection, we’ve added coffee honeycomb crunch for those who prefer its added texture.

Here in Cara Mia, we guarantee top notch quality cakes made for all types of celebrations. Our lightly crafted Coffee Honeycomb has a delightful combination of flavors that will surely leave you and you and your guests satisfied with just the right taste you have been craving for.

Coffee Honeycomb is made available for dine-in or take out; available in whole cakes or slices across all Cara Mia and Amici Stores. If you’d like to have this delivered straight to your event or celebration, you may reach us at 822-1111.

Have a joyous celebration with family and friends when you try our Coffee Honeycomb. It is undeniably delicious and not to mention best when shared.